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Dust can cause ventilation problems, trapping heat and preventing your PC from cooling itself properly.


Not sure if you’re computer is overheating? There are actually quite a few signs that can indicate you’re computer is actually suffering from too much heat. We’ve listed most of them below.

  1. Abnormal fan sounds: In most computers, fans are the primary cooling system for keeping components from overheating. Usually you’ll have a fan for your power supply and one for the processor, two components that produce the most heat.  Graphics card will have it’s own dedicated fan, too. If any of these fans fail (either stop working completely, aren’t operating properly), it can allow a component to get too hot, and start overheating your computer, ultimately causing some frustrating problems.
  2. BSOD: If your computer is suffering from a overheating problem, sometimes it’ll blue screen. We’re all familiar with that nerving blue screen of death. For example, if you turn the computer on, it may start to boot up fine, but eventually it’ll blue screen from getting too hot. In most cases, this usually coincides with a failing cooling fan.
  3. Frequent reboots or shutdowns: This follows along with some of the above sentiments. If you’re computer is overheating, you’ll see frequent automatic reboots. Sometimes, your computer will shutdown altogether and not turn on until it cools off due to the CPU cooler Is full of dust and not cooling correctly.
  4. High temperatures: The most obvious of all the warning signs is high component temperatures. You can usually monitor and measure how hot components are with reliable third-party software, Open Hardware Monitor is a free open source software.
  5. Computer case is hot: A properly cooled computer will almost never feel hot to the touch mostly cool to warm. If your computer or laptop is like this, there’s a good sign your processor is overheating maybe due to your computer Is sucking in cool air and dust and animals hair (dog or cats) overtime this builds up and you will start to have problems.       



We can sort this out for you buy cleaning all your components inside and out and have you up and running again, no need to throw your PC away!


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